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The Minister of Transport, Azim Ibrohim expressed concern over the fact that despite  all enterprises and institutions of the Ministry of Transport are provided with anti-slip materials and road machinery in accordance with the approved plan, due to the negligence of the officials there are cases of untimely snow removal. this leads to traffic congestion in some areas.

The Minister stated that the winter frosts have just started and according to the forecasts of the meteorological experts, more precipitations and cold weather are expected in the future and we should be ready every minute to provide the traffic on the roads. The responsible sphere were instructed to be ready and the road machineries and mechanisms should be constantly ready.

 In this regard, for the untimely cleaning of the road and non-use of anti-slip materials on the Dushanbe-Kalaikhum-Khorog highway, in Vahdat-Norak region, which caused the traffic jam, the head of IHRA of Hisor region Samad Salim was relieved of his post. Karim Rasulov, head of the Vahdat district police department, and Egamberdi Khujayev, the Department of Road Construction and Roads, were reprimanded.

The Minister of transport also expressed his dissatisfaction with the leaders of the transport enterprises and societies and gave instructions to prepare for the winter, It should be noted that in order to implement the relevant items of the resolution of the Government of the Republic of Tajikistan from March 31, 2020. "On timely preparation of economic and social sectors of the country for regular and effective activities in autumn-winter 2020-2021 were approved by the Order №82 from April 17, 2020, and a permanent operational staff was established. Taking into account the balance of the last season, anti-slip materials, diesel fuel and firewood have been purchased and stored in the state institutions on maintenance of highways of cities and districts. During this period, 548 vehicles were prepared for the regular operation and maintenance of the roads in the state institutions of the road maintenance.

Due to the equipment of these institutions, 11 emergency teams have been formed and are mobilized during the autumn-winter period during emergencies. Nevertheless, working groups have been established by the Ministry to ensure the regular movement of vehicles on the roads and passes at the expense of the management and responsible staff of the sector. Special uniforms and work shoes have been allocated to the state institutions for the maintenance of the highways at the expense of the centralized funds of the Ministry.