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Strengthening critical infrastructure against natural hazard

«Strengthening critical infrastructure against natural hazard»



Project ID:


Project Environmental Assessment (EA) category:

«B» — partial assessment

1. Project Development Goals (PDG)

Overall objective: The main objective of this project is to promote improved climate stability of bridges in Darvaz, Vanj, Yazgulyam, Rushan and Murghab districts of GBAO after their reconstruction.

2. Employer - Ministry of Transport of the Republic of Tajikistan.

3. Supervision Consultant:

Dongsung Engineering Co., Ltd  (Republic of Korea),

Subconsultant: “Vali”

4. Contractor:

China Road and Bridge Corporation (China)

5. Project Implementation Group employees (individual consultants)






Sirojzoda Sh.Kh

Deputy minister of transport,

PIG Director




Sukhrob Nurullo

Head of the department for work with foreign investments,

PIG Deputy Director





Odinaev R.


Bridge engineer consultant

935 19 22 21



Rahimova M.

Financial Management Consultant

988 55 77 22



Avzalshoev B.

Environmental safeguard consultant

93 900 12 96



Safarov D.

Social Affairs Consultant

989 11 55 60



Mirsaidzoda T.


938 01 16 16



Nizomadinov B.

Consultant M&E





6. Project components :

1. Strengthening disaster risk management capacity.

Sub-component 1.2. Seismic hazard assessment to improve disaster risk identification

Sub-component 1.3. Preparation of a financial protection strategy to mitigate fiscal shocks resulting from natural disasters

2. Ensuring the stability of critical infrastructure to natural hazards.

Sub-component 2.1. Strengthening of bridges

Sub-component 2.2. Strengthening of flood and river bank protection infrastructure

3. Conditional emergency response component

4. Project Management

7. The project is divided into 2 (two) Lots:

Lot №1. Construction of 9 bridges in the Vanj and Rushan districts of GBAO

Start Date - December 09, 2019

Completion Date - June 08, 2021

Lot №.2. Construction of 8 bridges in Darvaz, Rushan and Murghab districts of GBAO

Start Date – April 06, 2020

Completion Date --  October 05, 2021

6. Darvaz district:

- rehabilitation of road bridges in Darvaz district:

2 - (two) bridge units with a total length of 47.6 meters.

- arrangement of the highway

Vanj district:

- rehabilitation of road bridges in the Vanj district:

8 (eight) bridge units with a total length of 238.21 meters.

- arrangement of the highway

Rushan district:

 - rehabilitation of road bridges in Rushan district:

4 (four) bridge units with a total length of 205.7 meters.

- arrangement of the highway

Murgab district:

- rehabilitation of road bridges in Murghab district:

4 (four) bridge units with a total length of 103.6 meters.

- arrangement of the highway

Gender, social inclusion.

The social assessment conducted for the Project showed that the level of women's participation in the labor force is relatively low. Women in the surveyed area are involved in a small range of income-generating activities: mainly agriculture, trade, and sewing, with limited earning opportunities. In the Republic of Tajikistan, the construction industry and the management of transport infrastructure are largely dominated by men, and women face unequal opportunities. The Project will pay particular attention to ensuring that women benefit from the Project's interventions, and targeted community outreach will be conducted to ensure women's participation in Project-related activities. At the design stage, for example, women were included as the main participants in consultation processes (such as focus group discussions in Social assessment and public consultation), and separate discussions were held with women so that they could freely express their views and needs. Information about the specific needs of women and children will help to take them into account when designing infrastructure that is resistant to natural hazards and auxiliary facilities (for example, sidewalks, road intersections and signs). 

At the implementation stage, both gender and vulnerable groups — if/when they are affected by resettlement issues-will receive compensation related to their activities and occupation. The list of beneficiaries of compensation and rehabilitation, however, will particularly include women who are heads of households. As well as including them as an impact counter, women and vulnerable households will also receive training on new employment opportunities, including Project-related opportunities. Moreover, special attention will be paid to questions, requests, complaints or complaints made by women or vulnerable households, and appropriate feedback will be provided. Women's participation will be monitored and reflected in quarterly reports. During May-June 2021, it is planned to hold meetings (focus groups) in the project implementation areas.

Environment (including protective measures)

Due to the expected impact on the environment and social environment, the Project has been assigned a Category "B" of protective measures. Activated types of protection policy — Operational Policy 4.01 (Environmental Assessment), Operational Policy 4.12 (Involuntary Resettlement) and Operational Policy 7.50 (Projects on International Watercourses).

The World Bank Team:

  1. Daniel Kull
  2. Marinos Skempas
  3. Gulru Azamova
  4. John Bryant Collier
  5. Faridun Sanginov
  6. Niso Bazidov
  7. Dilshod Karimova
  8. Navruza Alikulova


Senior specialist for Disaster Risk Management, Team Leader

Bridge engineer consultant

Social Development Specialist

Senior Environmental Specialist

Operations Specialist

Financial Management Analyst

Procurement Specialist

Program Assistant