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Land transport management

Road transport is an integral part of the transport complex of the Republic of Tajikistan, designed to meet the needs of the economy and the population in the transportation and provision of services.

Along with this, the tasks of road transport include servicing other components of the transport complex (rail, air and water transport) and provides:

            - priority of safety, protection of life and health of people, nature protection and cultural values;

            - equality of rights of individuals and legal entities in the implementation of works and services in the field of road transport;

            - provides the consumer with freedom of choice of services in the field of road transport, including freedom of choice between the use of own vehicles and services of the carrier;

            - transportation of passengers and cargo, their safety and timely delivery to the destination point;

            - Providing, in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Tajikistan, free-contractual prices for works and services in the field of road transport.

            The total number of vehicles as of July 1, 2017 is 436444 units. The number of vehicles used in the market of transport services is 37211 units of rolling stock, of which 14352 units of freight, 9743 units of passenger and 13116 units of passenger cars of taxis.

            Currently, 225 units (128 freight and 97 passenger) of motor transport enterprises operate in the Republic of Tajikistan to provide transportation services for the transportation of goods and passengers.

            Of which, in Sugd oblast - 85 units, in Khatlon region - 47 units (including the number in Kulyab - 17 units and in Kurgantube - 30 units), in GBAO - 3 units, in Dushanbe - 117 units (including 21 passenger units, 81 freight and 7 different units).

            Currently, there are 14 cargo units and 50 passenger terminal units in the republic. On 845 passenger routes, 9743 vehicles provide transport services to the population of the republic.

            In the direction of international road transport, transport services are provided by 50 national road transport enterprises that have more than 2,000 units of cargo vehicles of different carrying capacity on the balance sheet.

Of which: OOO Degertazh, OOO Nakliyot, Anvari K LLC, Hulbuknakliet LLC, Somon-80 LLC, Samand LLC, Orien Auto LLC, Varzobnakliet LLC, Chomi LLC Nakliyet LLC, Sharif nakliet LLC, Muhammad-nakliute LLC, Somon Sair LLC, Faizi Mokh LLC, Turtrankargo LLC, Sodik Toch ZOO, Firuz Marketing LLC, Gold Tour Trans LLC ", LLC" Nuri umed ", LLC" Sururovar ", etc.

            Also, 10 border crossings were opened for the development of international road transport in the country.

Of which, in the RRS:

  1. Dusti (Tursunzoda) -Sariosiyo (Uzbekistan)
  2. Karamik (Jirgatol) -Karamik (Kyrgyzstan)

       In GBAO:

  1.  Kizil-Art (Murgab) -Saritosh (Kyrgyzstan)
  2.  Kulma (Murgab) -Carosu (China)

      In the Khatlon region:

  1.  Lower Pyanj (Kumsangir) -Sherkhonbandar (Afghanistan)

      In the Sugd region:

  1. Guliston (Isfara) -Batkent (Kyrgyzstan)
  2. Ovchi Kalach (B.Gafurov) -Lailak (Kyrgyzstan)
  3. Fatehabad (Matcha) -Oybek (Uzbekistan)
  4. Patar (Kanibadam) -Andarhon (Uzbekistan)
  5.  Madaniyat (J.Rasulov) -Karagach (Kyrgyzstan)